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vor 6 Monaten

Bad experience

I sent luggage and television through them inside Germany. The expected time to take the luggage was not correct, as they were almost two weeks late. Moreover, the TV was delivered broken into 6 pieces. I contacted them and told me to provide them with pictures and the address to send someone to make sure. I sent the pictures after this. They told me that I must deal with the insurance company to compensate me. They are not responsible because the TV was not in its original carton. After two months, They contacted to tell me that I must pay 49 euros because there was an error in calculating the total weight of the shipment and I refused this without proof of weight and asked for proof of weight and after two days the money was withdrawn from my account without my knowledge and i called them, but unfortunately without any response, knowing that I paid almost 60 euros to move the shipment and the extra 4 kg I have to pay them 49 euros this is nonsense
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